Where I say what is on my beard….I mean mind.

The Red Sox will honor Boston by wearing special jerseys this afternoon


Baseball will be played at Fenway Park this afternoon for the first time since the Boston Marathon bombings on Monday. And the Red Sox will wear special jerseys to honor their city.

Courtesy of the team’s Twitter/Instagram, here’s a look at the home whites:


According to the team, the special jerseys will be auctioned off to benefit the The One Fund Boston, which aims to help the people most affected by the Marathon bombings. The Red Sox and Royals will both wear a special “B Strong” logo patch on their uniforms during the series this weekend. The same logo is also on the Green Monster in left-center field. Because of yesterday’s postponement, the clubs will play a day-night doubleheader tomorrow.

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keep on growing

Ever have those moments in life where people feel the need to tell their opinion of you through a rude comment? Yeah me too.

Growing a bear is a tough not so much because it is physically tough but because it is mentally tough. Confidence is key! You will  not wake up the next morning with a full luscious beard. It takes time, patience and confidence in yourself. It may sound silly that you need confidence but let me tell you that some people will take any chance to cut you down to get you to shave your beard. They’ll tell you that you look scrubby, homeless, dirty, or like the Taliban. Yes the Taliban. I just got that comment last night. The key is to ignore these people. Chances are they can only communicate by making rude comments and being negative anyways. You’re better off just shrugging the comments off and moving on!! Beards grow better in positive atmospheres anyways. (not yet proven)

Being healthy is a key to beard success and i don’t just mean physically. Working out helps but take some vitamins. Biotin is great! So are many others but Biotin helps promote hair and nail growth. Even though you may have to cut your nails more frequently, it’s worth it!!

Lastly is Motivation! I always like to watch a funny episode of Whisker Wars. Though it can be silly to see grown men competing I feel it helps build a healthy competitiveness inside to want your beard to be as long and as rad as those dudes! Check out Its good to keep a community of friends that also enjoy facial hair! The more support you have the easier it is to grow!

Beard oils are also a good key to healthy hair. Look up There are plenty other oils as well but these dudes are cool!

Lastly have fun with it! I’ve been growing my “Chin Whiskers” (Billy Gibson, ZZ Top) for only about 4 Months. It takes time I can’t wait till the year mark. I know this summer will be difficult once the heats kicks in!!!

Keep on Bearding in the Free World!


Here I am after growing my beard for 3 months and to continue the process I’m always looking for inspiration. It keeps me going!!

Growing a Beard

First: You probably don’t want to read this if you don’t like beards.

There are certain things in life that really don’t need much explanation or even need to be explored but I think beards do! Why?

Well first of all I think in todays society facial hair in general is becoming a big trend. For myself, and that is mostly what this blog is for, is about the process of growing a beard. Some of society still looks at people with beards as “dirty” “hippie” “lazy” ect… Sometimes people make comments to put you down or just like being judgmental towards people with beards because they do not understand why you would want to grow one. F**k em’!! There are a few, awesome, cool, understanding “Beardsmiths,” as I call them, they respect a man for taking on such a challenge and discuss it over beers.

That opens up another part of this blog. Beer! Beer! Beer!

This will hopefully be a fun blog that I will also post pictures and share my process of growing my beard! 

Right now it has only been 2-3 months and I am already getting comments about shaving. I say GROW GROW GROW!

To me having a beard is a mans right of passage. Its fun! And you look different than everyone else. Not everyone can grow a beard, so if you are among the few that can, be proud of it and share in on the fun I’ll be having as i proceed to grow my beard out over the next year or so!